Rehab phase

Chason has now been trasferred from St Mary Hospital to Rehab:-) Although it has been the longest two months ever and our journey is not yet finished, we are on the right path to crossing the finished line!! God has healed him and is now restoring him from his toes to top of his head! He wasn’t able to move anything and all of the sudden he started wiggling his toes to moving his feet and now legs go every which direction! Not able to move his arms at all to now moving up and down trying to dance waving it from side to side, peace sign with his fingers and thumbs up both hands, eating purée foods, opening his mouth without anyone having to guide him to it, trying to walk, so many things he was not able to do at all and now on his road to recovery!! Lord is restoring him one part at a time and he is determined, working very hard everyday even after therapy sessions are over he still keeps working to get it right for the next day!! Thank you all for your prayers and support!!! Will keep you up to date on his recovery!!! Had to leave his side for the first time and that was extremely hard for me! But he pointed to the door then at me and gave me the peace sign!!! To ease my nerves! It is far from where we live and I have two other kids who also needs their mommy… My middle child had to have surgery due to breathing difficulties so had no choice but to cone home and allow him to be independent, let go and let God!!!

He sounds like a good kid! Later, when you’ve gotten your middle child through surgery, you might want to think about bringing some of Chason’s friends over to visit him, if he wants that. (Get Chason’s ok first,though.) My husband is still friends with the one kid who visited him when he was in rehab as a teenager.

Great news that he’s doing so well. Wishing you all continues success.

He said yes! He is ready for visitors:-) We are actually on our way now to see him with his best friend! God bless all of you<3

Visits from his friends will be the best medicine of all! Yay!


What a remarkable story! I have experienced similar with my husband Rick, and how God guided me through and has helped Rick recover. Thank you for sharing and will keep Chason in thought and prayers!


Chason and I were at the same hospital. Dr Malik and his team saved my life. Then I went to Kindred in WPB to wean off of the ventilator. I was living in Port Saint Lucie at the time of my injury. My parents had me airlifted to Spaulding Rehab in Boston, then Crotched Mountain Rehab in New Hampshire.

I was out to dinner with some friends in Stuart, Florida. It started as a major headache, then my vision. My friends took me to Martin Memorial Hospital. After they did a CT, they airlifted me to St. Mary’s.

My family and I will pray for Chason

WOW! Hoping and praying all is well for you and stays that way! Dr Patel was the one who operated on Chason and his team! Heaven sent because he literally saved his life! Chason AVM was in his Cerebellum and he got all of it out, no additional bleeds, plus no damages! God is hard at work answering the millions of prayers for full restoration of Chason, he is shocking everyone at Joe DiMaggio now as well! He has not started speaking yet but is working hard at it, he told me that God said he is to walk first than he will restore his speech! God bless all of you!! And thank you for your prayers they are being answered