Reilly Update... no we didn't fall off the planet!

Hey! Sorry for the delay, I had actually typed up this big long thing last week, went to check on Reilly (she was sleeping), laid in bed with her and fell asleep, by the time I could check the site again, my computer had booted me off. So this version will be much shorter.

We checked in on May 5th, the procedure took just over four hours! We were updated every hour and thankful for that. The doctors said it was more complicated than they expected but that she was doing very well. They used about 20 coils to embolize the whole thing! YEAH!!! Dr. Mcdougall said that she didn’t need the removal (Spetzler’s part) the 6th. So we were beyond excited about that.

Seeing her after the surgery was the hardest thing I have ever had to do in my life. Her body temp had dropped quite low, so they had this bubble thing on her body, a blanket on her head (to keep the heat in), just her tiny little face was exposed, but it was over-powered by a breathing tube/respirator. She woke up fighting though! Yikes!! Breathing tube still in, so that was hard, she threw up the whole night, they had her on pain meds, but she was just not a happy camper (who would be right?). The next day she took a turn for the better, and was walking around ICU, telling me that she was upset that I brought her to the hospital, and that the doctor put an elephant in her ear (remember I think her hearing was being effected by the AVM).

We checked in the hospital w/ an ugly avm and a teddy bear, and left with NO AVM (well you know), and left w/ an elephant in the ear and three GIANT bags of toys/gifts from family & friends.

Well… so she has been recovering at home, and her and sissy have been battling the flu since the weekend. Well, not really “flu” because there is no fever. But… lots of vomit in the Fisk household.

I will add more pics from after the surgery, the new “profile pic” is the night of her surgery, when she woke up a little, she wanted to hold her mama (talk about making my heart melt).

Thanks for all of your thoughts, prayers, hugs & good vibes! They worked!!!

I AM SOOO HAAPPYYYY!!! I knew everything was fine. !!! Congratulations all!! Cannot express in words how wonderful I feell. Thank you!! God Bless!!! New Life!! New begining!! Love, peace, hugs…xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxoooooooooooooooo

:))))))) ;))))))))

Good news! I hope Reilly’s recovery continues to go well!

Oh this is great news! Sooo glad everything went well!

Congrats!!! I wish a speedy recovery to her, and to her sister suffering from the flu!

This is such good news, I am so pleased for Reilly and you all. best wishes, Amanda

Such good news! Best wishes and speedy recovery!

Oh, Jill, I’m so happy to hear the good news about Reilly! Give her a hug from “Aunt” Connie!

I am so happy its over and all is well , after reading your posting, It put tears to my eyes, Im just so thankful she is doing great!! God Bless your family as she heals, Caoline

Hi Jill,
So happy to hear Reilly is doing well and didn’t have to have Dr. Spletzer go in and get it . So happy to hear the embolization worked so well. I’m sure you are all relieved that that part is over and Reilly is on the road to recovery.
Sending Angel light and love to all of you…d

Jill, how is Reilly doing?

Reilly is doing okay, still has the tummy bug. I was supposed to go back to work today, but she is not feeling well enough for me to leave yet. So I get to spend another day bonding! I can’t complain, I just wish she felt better. This is 12 days now. uugh!