Relaxation techniques

I am curious to know what others are doing to help themselves relax. I am not sleeping well. I feel like I am always “on”. I catch myself holding my breath frequently. I have so much anxiety I feel like my body could elevate off the matteress.


I use a type of Zen meditation and breathing exercises, (focusing on my "chi", my body power center) I try to be calm and think of lowering my heart rate. This in turn helps me to sleep well at night. Google "Zen Meditation" and you will find numerous sites. A good exercise program (during the day, check with your physician first) will also aid you with your sleeping well at night.(side note: plus working my a$$ off at work, and being tired before bed helps too,

Check with your physician and look into OTC sleep aids.

Warm milk,...(it works,..!!)

I hope this helps a lil' bit.

P.S....Here is one of my fav Zen sites.

For me, yoga helps tremendously. It’s not necessarily immediate, but after about a week I could feel the difference. Do make sure you check with your doctor first, but you may find it helps you too.

I have been practising Qgong yoga since I found out something was up in December. It does help.