Repeat gamma knife treatment?

I would like info on who has had repeat gamma knife and how long did you wait after the 1st treatment? the Dr. gave a 90% obliteration rate over 3 yrs. Well, it’s been 3 yrs and although it’s much much smaller, it’s not gone. Do we wait a 4th year or treat it again? Am worried about radiation necrosis. Please share your story! thanks.

I would like to know what you decided to do about your worries? I am only 2 years out, and I am going to have my angio in a couple of months. Of course, I am a worrier and would like to know.


I have had 2 gamma knife surgeries. The first was following a bleed in 2000 in which the doctors found the initial AVM. The next time was in 2003 when the doctors treated a stray AVM. This was prior to it bleeding and the AVM was said to be obliterated. I was scheduled for a 3rd AVM surgery in 2010 to target one remaining AVM when it rupture February 15th, 2010. I don’t know what the risk is, but I would recommend getting the treatment sooner than later. Doctors do not know well enough how soon the AVMs will rupture. That’s just my 2 cents. Blessings as you continue on!

Hi Sandie I had my 1st GK in June 2007 and then in November 2010 after waiting an additional 6 months we opted to go for another treatment. We (i) could have waited another yr but, a lot of things played a role in my decision. My age for one 28, I wanted this to be done with by my 30th birthday seems how it all started when I was 23. Plus we have one son that is soon to turn 7 and we want more kids. So waiting that extra yr to pray it worked was to much for me. I hated having the GK done the 1 st time so I was mad and upset over doing it again, but I want this AVM gone!!! Tired of waiting around for it to go away. I say just go for it it will relieve some of the stress of waiting and some fresh radition is good lol. It was a hard choice but I’m tired of this AVM controlling my life. Hope you guys are able to make a decision. Without to much stress of the “what ifs”… Andrea

Hi. We are almost 3 years post Gamma as well and I personally, want to wait the full 4 years before my son has his angiogram. I just do not see a point in doing it now when we know that it takes up to 4 years for full treatment results. Just my personal opinion, though.

Thank you all for your input. I have something that has started playing a bigger role than I thought it was, (I thought it would go away) I have started having left field blindness. Did anyone experience this?

@Kimberly, I had a similar sensation with my right eye. Right after surgery and for about 10 months I would periodically go completely blind in both eyes. After speaking with my neurosurgeon, neurologist, and finally a psychologist, they determined it was stress related and not as a result of the surgery. Now its 14 months after surgery and I only go blind every once in a while and it only lasts a few minutes. You might want to look at speaking with a pscyhologist to determine if the blindness is a result of the surgery or physical stress related to surgical recovery.