Right Nose is numb

Hi friends, I had a fall last last Friday while attempting to walk my dog. I was letting go the leash to soon and my dog gave a strong jerk. Being a unbalance person myself, I did a 270 degree turn before falling flat on my face…literally.

As a result, I carry a black eye till today and today its just a few dots left. Few days ago, I was checking my nose bone structure. I was pressing to see any funny dents. Somthing must be wrong cos when when I press on a part… clear fluid streams out. Hence, Flu.

The next day, my mucus (sorry) has blood clod on it. just this one time. Same thing happen the day after this. Taking lightly of things, since its not flowing blood. I didn’t do anything to it. I found out through the internet that if you had a fall exp on the eye area, there will be fluid n blood coming out (source:hidden) I wasn’t having any dizzy spells or any head pain.

3rd day, afternoon, I was collecting my nose fluid as usual with the tissue but this time… nose couldn’t feel the tissue and as I check… i couldn’t feel my cheek. then neck. then down to my shoulder. I called out to my parents and we went to the emergency.

I kept checking my body for spread of the numb on the way there and find receding. But when i got out from the car, standing, and then I sat down,It came back. (As I type, my right shoulder is numb. I had been walking around the house. It will be ok later).

I did d common test including blood test and reflection, and they concluded it’s not brain related. So they sent me back home I am to come back again in 2 weeks time a follow-up. For meds they gave me flu and panadol (paracetamol).

What is going on now:
*Numb on the nose is still numb
*Numb in the other area comes and goes.
*Nose doesn’t bleed in chunks anymore
*Numbs getting less and less except from standing to long or exert too much energy.
*Right side of the face is a little bloated.
*Nose hurts ones a while. Prickly feeling.

What I think:
*I shifted my nose
*A nerve is being pressed at the moment.(due to fall and me checking out nose)
*It is healing.
*whether if wearing is spectacles is ok?

This post is to inform of a condition and to know if I should be alarmed?
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Dearest Rhoda, Did the hospital do a ct scan or mri of your head, neck or back? You fell walking dog, YES?? Go bowling-NOT dog walking…Having had my nose “broken” to varying degrees by dog walking, children playing and my own clumsiness I am trying to remember if anything OTHER than the straining, pulling, blunt force trauma of a fall or almost fall-as the muscles we tend to tighten to stop our selves from falling oft times go into spasm or lock-down and the ensuing swelling causes pain, tingling and numbness from said compression and swelling-came to my mind…Nothing did.
Your reflexes were in tact you said, yes? Did a neurologist examine you at hospital??

Hey Marianne, lol dog walking…neuro didnt examine me personally but i had common test, and blood test. I wasn’t alarm at first. It’s been over a week my right face still hurts and now a numb nose to add. But im goin to see my neuro again next week. So far numbness has resided. Right face bloated though…

My reflexes was all fine… so i guess mayb its just a pressed nerve.

My gosh nothing came to yours? what exactly happened? You fell and nothing?

lol…oh my… now you!!! all the above… numbing receeding… thanks for this info… makes me feel much better. Will check out on Bells palsy, I’m had nightmares already.
You noe what, I would not encourage you to touch you nose… lol or smile to much… lol… I had to hold my right face when sombody makes a joke…lol.

Liam what’s your puppy’s name. My Lassie is getting so big and naughty. =)