Ringing in your ear?

Does anyone else have a constant ringing in their ear? I've had it for years and was wondering if anyone else experiences this. Also, I hear a bruit - does anyone else experience this?

This is quite common on hereā€¦
I hope this info helps.

Tinnitus? I have that, and my wife. 1 in 10 do have that noise. I got that on my third bleed. Like just a high pitched noise behind the sound. When everything is "silent", it can be quie deafening!

I had the ringing for years. It went away after cranio.

Hell all, thanks for the replies. This ringing is so annoying, it keeps me up every night. Also the bruit is very irritating too:(

I have this too. You're not alone. I often experience it more when my head hurts worse. It's been pretty bad for me especially since I had the embo. I hope it stops soon. Have a merry Christmas!

I have this as well. It drives me nuts, sometimes worse then others. I have a tv in my room and have to turn it on loud when it gets really bad.

Count me in. I had it before my diagnosis and took it for normal. Since my bleed it has been even worse and the 'bruit' I call a woosh. I am less tolerant of noise and commotion in general now so it could be that it is brought to my attention more easily now. Sometimes ear plugs help me especially when I am out somewhere because I can focus on my breath and tune out the other sounds. Hope you are feeling well!