Screen Names - Ben's Friends Values Your Privacy

Some of you may notice that your username / screen name changes over the next day or so. If you have your full name as your screen name, I will be changing it to something a little less identifying of you (usually by removing your surname). If you don’t like what I change it to, please let me know and we can update it.

I recently recorded a blog about avmsurvivors and one of the things I think we value here is that nobody needs to know anything more about you than you want to share: nothing is linked to your Facebook account or anything else and that degree of privacy is rare these days. This has sparked a bit of a review to catch up on those with longer-standing accounts who we have not renamed as you have joined. Usually these days if you give your full name on joining we would reduce it, though I have to also admit that I have not consistently done this recently.

I hope this is helpful and protective. If you have any questions or concerns, please let me or a member of the Modsupport team know.

Very best wishes,



Likewise, if I’ve missed you out, please let me know.

You can change your own username by clicking on your icon/avatar, going to the preferences / cog icon and selecting “account” but if you ever get stuck (or I’ve done really the wrong thing by you) then I’m here to help.