Second Opinion - I'm I doing it right

I have been diagnosed with a dural AV fistula on the left side. My primary doctor sent me to UAB (Birmingham, AL) where they did a 3D CTA and a cerebrial angiogram. The dAVF is confirmed and the doctor there at first suggested surgery but eased off that a bit saying maybe Gamma Knife. I asked what would happen if I did nothing and he said my changes for a hemmorage was about 30%. I have no symptoms at all and would have never known about it but was being checked for some involuntary twitching which my wife had been noticing. I guess I didn't have a clue there was anything different going on with me but she did so I reluctantly went to the doctor. I guess its a good thing I did. I trust the doctor in Birmingham but all of this is so new to me that I want to explore all the options. I plan to get a second opinion from Emory (about 4 hours away) and Johns Hopkins (about 12 hours away). Should I be doing more than that? I have learned that there are other great places out there (Mayo, Duke, etc.) but not sure how many more opinions I should pursue.

Thanks for any suggestions and thanks for such a warm welcome (I signed up yesterday)

You seem to be making all the right steps to getting the best plan in place for you. A lady from my church had a fistula in her forehead removed at UAB. She is doing wonderful, was over six years ago. Definitely go to Emory and Hopkins, u can also send ur scans to Dr spetzler in Arizona just to see what he suggest then pick which place to have treatment. Good luck!!

Thanks. I see Dr. Spetzler mentioned quite often in this forum so I may do that.

Hi Joe W. Never hurts to get more than one opinion! I got 3! Best of Luck!