Second Opinion

I would like to share a review from Deirdre Kohler, a brain tumor survivor from South Africa.



Hi Starr,

I couldn't get the link you posted to work. For those that want to read this, you'd need to go to this link:

Then if you want to read about the second opinion post, you need to scroll down to the post of Nov 13.

I didn't follow through and read all the info or links. From my scan, it appears there is a place in Canada (the author of the blog is from South Africa) that offers second opinions (NOTE: NOT FREE).

This blog also contains info that Deidra (the author of the blog) has a book for sale. Not sure if this is a violation of our site's policies or not. I'm leaving it here; others can determine if it's ok.

I'm sure she's a dynamic person and all. I just had trouble following all of it.

Best wishes,
Ron, KS