Second round

So it’s my second round of gamma knife tomorrow, feeling ok, positive as this is the last one.
Take care everyone


take care, Sarah…

will be thinking about you.


All the best Sarah! John

Great attitude Sarah, be strong, we’re all pulling for you, let us know how your doing, when you feel up to it, wishing you the best,

I’m off home today, feel bruised, which I expected, but really happy to go home and see my son, as he’s been struggling, just me being in hospital. Got to go back in a year, but over all I’m doing ok


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Nice, that’s good to news, take it slow and give yourself time to heal,
thanks for update, take care,

Great news Sarah. I’m 50 weeks today from gamma knife and go for my MRI on three weeks to have a little peak and see where we are. The time has flown by so far. Take Care, John

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Glad to hear from your last experience, which helps me to confront my coming surgery. In two more days I am going for my gamma knife after two brain embolizations (coil and onyx glue, in last April and July). I wish I have the same luck as yours, and so I’m confronting it with high spirit


All the best in the next few days, the gamma isn’t painful, more uncomfortable. All I say to my son is onwards and upwards, this will make me better, it’s the road to recovery.
So please don’t worry. Take care


Very best of luck with your procedure. We’ve had quite a few go through gamma knife in recent weeks, I think, all successfully and with minimal discomfort. May you have the same experience!!

Very best wishes


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