Sedated or not for angio and/or embolisation

So, I am wondering why here in Australia it seems quite common to be only given a local anaesthetic and mild sedative, but in other countries you all seem to be under a general. Why do they do it different ways? What difference does it make to the procedure and/or ability to detect the avm?

I had so much pain, I would insist on a general if I had to do it again

Wife’s embos/angios were done under mild sedation. She had to respond to a neuro exam during the process (touch your nose, wiggle your foot, say ‘cat’, etc).

Ron, KS

I only had mild sedation, But I have to be still not to move for anything…But with time that part it gets sore. Well probably is because i had like 4 Angiograms and one Embolization.

I’m not sure why they’d only put you under mild sedation, unless like someone else here saidf its so you can respond if needs be. I’ve had two so far and have been put under general for them; there is no option for otherwise either.

Brainers are more likely than us extremity kids to get a mild sedation for the reason that Ron mentioned below about needing to respond. It’s cause they are up in their brains potentially messing with neuro functions! Want to make sure the cognitive abilities stay intact :slight_smile:
But for the rest of us, ya it does seem like most docs here in the US and UK do a general. Not sure why that would be different than in Australia. I do wonder why the difference. It seems like such torture otherwise and without a good reason.

the first time i had my angio i had enough sedation that i either dont remember it or was asleep, not sure. the second time i was awake and in a lot of pain. the third time i requested to be given enough that i would sleep and the doc said ok but i was awake and extremely aggitated the whole time, they kept giving me more sedation but it wore off every two minutes for me to start fidgeting again.
idk if id want general but at least enough sedation to not remember would be nice

what a shame you have to go through pain and usually unnecessarily when having an embo. Id definitely ask for a general next time.