Seizure Aura

I had my first seizure last Monday(feb3rd) since I have had a handful of experiences where I get a sense of vertigo, my peripheral vision gets blurry, and I lose the ability to speak. Having those same 3 experiences is the last thing I remember before my seizure. My Google searching leads me to believe they might be Auras? I have had them multiple times over the past 10 days, but only 2 seizures, both the night of Feb 3rd. Does anyone else experience Auras and did you ever had one without having a seizure after? I'm just trying to understand this more, It is all so new to me.

Hi, yes I have had aura'a and not had a seizure...Are you on a seizure med? If not, you need to call your doctor. Let me know how you are doing. Stay Strong & Positive!

Thanks :) yes I am on Dilantin, but only been on it for about 4 days. I'm not sure how long it takes to get into my system and really take effect

Yeah I have auras currently and 1 seizure every 1-2 months

I don't remember how long it took as I was in a coma when they started me on my med. But I will tell you my med really works...I'm on Keppra.

Make sure you call your núero as the aura you are describing May actually be much much smaller seizures or they could be auras-since everyone has different experiences. I take keppra and it really helps. Best of luck, Brooke

Hello, yes, I have those auras once a month aprox. Neuro explained that auras are actually mini-seizures . I suffer of partial complex seizures . Are your grand mal?

I've had all three of them, but my Keppra works so well!

I had 2 grand mal seizures Feb 3rd, but I don't know if what I have been experiencing since are auras or actually smaller seizures. I was originally put on Keppra, but within 24hours I was experiencing extreme mood swings and fits of rage, so I was switched to Dilantin 4 days ago

It sounds like you are having a simple partial seizure. I have had them a few times over the years. I usually have complex partial seizures (the main difference is simple you are conscience of and complex you aren't so you just lose that time/memory). You should talk to your neurologist. That can happen and then youre fine or it could lead into something more. The few times I have had grand mal seizures I have had an aura (everyone has something different - mine are usually de ja vu and vertigo because of the location of my AVM) then it becomes a simple partial that moves into a complex partial for a short time (I only know from others telling me what I did) then I have a grand mal.
My simple partials sound just like this so a seizure med could help. I can never talk no matter how much I try. Good luck.

Agree with others - see your neuro guy about this.

How do you tell if it is an aura or a mild seizure????

you wont lose speech with an aura

So I talked to my Dr's office, and they think i was having Simple partial seizures. I went and got some blood work done, and my Dilantin levels weren't as high as they should have been. So we are uping my dosage and I go on Monday to see a seizure specialist. Thanks everyone for your input on this:)

AWhite222, I also see a neuro-epilepsy doctor...She is wonderful keeping my seizures under control. Let us know your progress!

yes I have had many auras, my epileptic specialist says they are seizures just not fall down ones.i know when I am going to have a seizure about 2 mins beforehand as I go dizzy,hot,confused all sorts but I remain conscious while having the seizure even if its gone on for over 20 mins so I remember everything.make sure you speak to your specialist about this, as there are many types of seizures and auras that one person can go through.hope all goes well.

Just update. I went yesterday to see a new neuro who specialized in seizures. They are changing my meds(for the 3rd time in 3weeks) and they want to do an ambulatory EEG. I am hoping this figures out what is going on. My memory has been terrible and I am constantly exhausted. That doesn’t work for a Mom or a toddler who works 2 jobs.

How is it going? any results? Hope they find the right med soon. Take care