Seizures after a Craniotomy

My husband’s AVM bled almost a year ago in April 07 and was removed by a craniotomy in June of 07. He started having grand mal seizures in September. Has anyone else had this problem? If so were you warned? How are you being treated?

Hi Kirstin,
I recently had an AVM removed from the right temporal lobe that was around 7 x 4cm(4½ months ago) but havent had any seizures since the op,has your husband been on any anti convulsives since the operation and what kind of dosage if so?
They had me very dosed up on about 1800mgs a day for the first couple of months post op as the brain becomes traumatised from the removal of the avm which can cause seizures.
Ive since been dropped back to 1200mgs(with no seizures) and am expecting to stay on that for a while now till further instruction.
Hope yous get it sorted out soon,
Take care, Theo

He started seizure meds after the seizure in September. The Drs have upped his dosage everytime he has had a seizure. He is on Keppra 750mg 4 times a day and Trileptal 300mg 2 times a day. His last seizure was on March 6th. That is when they added the Trileptal. I hope this works.
Thanks for the reply Theo, Good Luck!

Hi Kristin and Theo,

I was told that it would be a side effect. My AVM bled when I was 17 (now 28). My last seizure was in 02 or 03. I take Keppra and Phenobarbital- my dosages are WAY high, 4000 mg (<- most physicians will NOT authorize refills on this) and 120 mg (respectively).

Take care, Regis

oh, I forgot; if you have an HMO (like I do), the daily dose “THEY” say it cannot be more than 1000mg. I had a snafu which left me without pills for a week. I had to have my DR fax in a copy of my records and some other stuff. The best thing to do is fill the RX early. Some insurance companies let you do it up to one week in advance.

My meds are 2000mg in the AM, 2000gm keppra + 120mg pheno in the PM

I’m on 250 mg of Keppra in the morning and 500 mg in the evening (a very low dosage, I know). I just had my craniotomy a little over a week ago and was not warned about more seizures. My surgeon said they would keep me on my current Keppra dosage for a month or two and then start trying to pull me off; he did warn that there was a chance I might need to stay on the Keppra forever. I would certainly ask your surgeon about what’s going on. Did your husband have seizures before his craniotomy?

Kirstin ,have you’s received opinions from other doctors on this?The way i see it they should of had him on anti convulsives straight after the operartion as this its the time that you are most vunerable to seizures.Im startin to think that the surgeons/doctors yous were seen by are a little negligent in not prescribing these meds straight after.
As for why these seizures are still occuring with all the meds that your husband is still on,maybe the bleed he had has quite possibly done some irriversable damage to the brain tissue and that location is contantly inflamed/irritated some how thus causing the ongoing seizures?
Im no doctor or anything,just trying to think outside the square i guess.
Anyways i really hope yous can sort something out,i wouldnt wish this sort of thing to happen even to the worst or enemies.
Take care,Theo