Seizures and Keppra Anti-seizure medicine. Did anyone have a seizure caused by their brain AVM

Did anyone experience a seizure caused by their brain AVM?

Yes, this is very common! Tell us more about why you’re asking.

yes i do .i have to take meds for mine

Yes, I never had a seizure before until after the
Surgery on the AVM.

Yes, me too! Never had a seizure until after surgery. Will be on anti-seizure meds for life as I have brain damage; the AVM was much bigger than shown on the MRI/MRA.

Yes, that’s how I found out I had an AVM.

I’m on lamotrigine (Lamictal) rather than Keppra.

Yes, I had two big seizures prior ro the AVM removal. I have had a few in the many years since then, so I still take meds. I have taken them for 50 years with some years off of them. But then another seizure (not big ones) so I am on it forever. Tegretol


I was just hopeing that the KEPPRA was the reason why my husbands AVM disappeared. I always like to look for new ways to heal others. It sounds like many have been on anti-seizure medicine for years. My husband was only on it for 8 months and the AVM disappeared. We were just trying to found out why it disappeared with no remnants. My husband did not have any procedures on his yet. We started to do an embolization last wednesday when we found out it was gone. I was in hope to find a cure for AVM’s.

I was just wondering because the Dr. thought the reason why my husbands AVM was gone was related to the large seizure he had 8 months ago. I just wondered if it wasn’t due to the usuage of KEPPRA. Always looking for a cure.

We were told this was rare. I’'m so sorry to hear about everyone’s AVM’s, seizures, taking the anti-seizure medicine, and surgery. It has been hard on my husband and I know how hard it was to make a decision. How to treat. I was in hope of Keppra being a cure, because My husbands went completely away without any bleeds or anymore seizures.

I’ve had “seizure activity” but never a full blown seizure. I’m on Dilantin. I wish you the best with all this craziness life has thrown at you. God bless.

Hi there! From the time my daughter was diagnosed with avm she was given Keppra since she has seizure tendency. Thank God no signs of seizure from her.

Hi Conlemons, I’ve taken Keppra since my AVM crani, so that I don’t have a seizure. I myself cut back and had a grand mal seizure, which I will never do again. I make sure I take my meds on time every day to prevent having another seizure. I’m on 2000 in the AM and 2000 in the PM (7:00 AM and 7:00 PM). I truly releave it’s import to take the correctg dose and on time every day.

I never had a seizure. I found out about my avm because I would get bad headaches. And one day I finally went to the hospital and they did an MRI and saw the avm.

I started having partcial seizures as a side effect of gamma. Just had my first dose of keppra.

Good Morning, I have what might be called “Micro” seizures. Taking Dilantin every day. I believe it is helping. Interesting thing about it is I didn’t know about it for 14 years later. Big Mistake!!!

How long ago was that and do you didn’t do anything else to treat the AVM.

So you decided to treat your AVM with the Gamma Knife.

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Those micro seizures are caused from your AVM?

I’m on anti-seizure medication (Vimpat). My seizures are the result of the brain surgery,not of the AVM. I was on Keppra for a long time, but this medication allowed seizure-like activity during the night. My epileptologist found that out after a video EEG and changed the medication to Vimpat.