Seizures in sleep

I have either been having seizures in my sleep or dreams that I’m having them. Its been two times now and it feels so real. I really hope its just a dream and not an actual seizure because I’ve come so far. Has anyone else had them in their sleep? What did they feel like?

I had one in my sleep once, I just remember feeling like I couldn’t wake up and when I finally did awake it was the after woozy feeling like what happen?!! When your coming out of it…

Hi Xtinne,
This an interesting question.
Yea, I have. As a matter of fact, I just had another one last night. Dreams and seizures are a funny thing. I think sometimes when we dream of having a seizure, it's our own fear of them coming to the surface. Other times, I believe we do have a seizure while we are sleeping. Which is fine by me. Then I don't have to deal with it when I'm awake. :) For me: I wake up feeling extra tired, my legs are weak, and I'm a little shaky. That's when I know it wasn't just a dream. Give me a few hours and then I'm fine again.

Hi xtinnnne, ben morrell, and oosexy kuoo i have had dreams about having seizsures it is totally scary... But i am not sure if i have them or not. My finace said i dont have them but most of the time he is asleep and cant tell that i am. Also, a couple of times i couldnt get up and i felt like i get ride over by a truck after and felt werid all day

thank you