Seizures of the occipital lobe?

Anyone experience seizures of the occipital lobe? If so will you share your experience? Thanks!!

My AVM was in my right occipital lobe. It was removed in 1996. I had a seizure shortly after surgery and not another one until last Monday. It was very scary. It started with a visual aura-flashing lights. Then I became unable to put into words what I was thinking. It was really weird–I knew what I wanted to say, but the right words wouldn’t come out. Then I became unsure of things–like what my name was and what time of year it was. It lasted for almost an hour. Even now, 4 days later, I still have a dull headache and feel a little tired and “out of it”. Has anyone had anything like this?

Hi Anne,

My mother has an AVM in the right occpital lobe that was treated with gamma one year ago. She has swelling in the area and is experiencing radiation necrosis. She was in the hospital one month ago with seizure activity. She is now in Keppra. For a few weeks, she seemed to be hallucinating visually. To the point where she saw unicorns and people walking through the trees. The entire time she kept her sanity, because she knew these objects did not exist. It was bizarre, because these images were very detailed.

I got diagnosed with a large AVM in my right occipital lobe barely 24 hrs ago, so take everything I say with a grain of salt. I have had headaches for about 20 years now. An episode will usually start with blurring from the left edge of both eyes and gradually I will loose about 40 - 50% of my vision. In about 30 minutes after the start of the visual symptoms, right top of my head will start to ache severely. And the entire episode will last about 45 minutes to 3 hours and every thing will be normal after that. I did see a local neurologist in central Virginia a couple of times, but it ended with a diagnosis of migraine headache and I learnt to deal with it over the years. But now that I know I have AVM in Occipital Lobe and info in this article ( makes me believe I in fact was having mini seizures of the occipital lobe. At least that is my expert theory and I am sticking with it until I see a real expert next week.

Wow. My situation is so similar it’s eerie. I had right occipital avm treated by radio surgery. I too developed radio necrosis. I’ve dealt with the darn colored flashes in my left fov for many years, bad headaches also (towards rear of head)… usually it’s zigzag color shapes or blurs of light. Sometimes, not often, it progresses into hallucinations (familiar faces) at that point I know that usually it will keep going and lead to a full blown seizure for me. Soo is she being treated for the radio necrosis?

Yes.i was diagnosed with migraine for years as a teen, before my right occipital avm was found after I had a seizure. Best of luck Bala. I’ll talk to you more about it if you ever like.

I was also diagnosed as a teen with migraines--having same visual auras you all describe. My avm was discovered when I had a seizure in 1996. (I was 40 then). I had a crainiotomy to have it removed and lost 50% of my vision permanently. I still take seizure meds. I learned to adjust to the vision loss. I know they have better ways of dealing with them now. Good luck Bala!

Its not easy losing any function, but what choice do we have right? So Anne I’m wondering the avm is it considered eradicated? I was also curious what symptoms are you left with to this day, and have things been stable or changing overt time, for better or worse?
Oh and if you didn’t get diagnosed until age 40 you spent a long time dealing with what you were told were migraines. . Geez

Josh, no one ever used that term with me, but it was completely removed so I guess that's the same thing. Other than the vision loss, I don't have any other symptoms except for some seizure activity. I have to take Tegretol XR for the seizures which are well controlled now. After the surgery I had only one seizure so they put me on Tegretol. For about 15 years I was seizure free. Then I started having them again. The neurologists never really figured out why. I can't have an MRI because of the type of metal in my brain so they did a CTC scan. That's a CT scan with contrast. They didn't see any new growth, which apparently can happen. They increased my dosage and that seems to work. Sometimes I start to have a visual flashing on my left side but it goes away before I have a seizure.
So, yes, I spent a long time thinking I had migraines. I don't get the bad headaches anymore. For the most part, I feel pretty lucky.

Not sure if this is still an active thread, but wanted to bring it back for more replies. I have left occipital AVM, diagnosed 18y ago after a stroke. 2 years ago started having seizures. Big black spots followed by grand mal seizure, or sometimes goes away. Anyone else?

I’m left occipital and get the flashing in right eye. Sometimes goes away, as well. Definitely trigged by flashing or fluorescent lighting

I have visual issues but not sure which health conditions they are a result of since I have many.

What kind of visual issues? Where is your AVM?

I have double vision. I see flashes of light all the time. I stare into space sometimes. My right eye is sometimes lazy. I am badly nearsighted. I have bad astigmatism in both eyes. I have flashers and floaters due to my nearsightedness. My near vision is poor. I have a benign pigmented chorodial lesion on my right retina. I am very sensitive to light and sound. I am back to wearing progressive transition lens. I have a 4cm Parieto-occipital AVM.

Thank god I am not alone in this! I was diagnosed with an AVM in August in the right occipital lobe, 2.5cm and I was experiencing double vision, hallucinations and flashing lights whilst in hospital for initial diagnosis. I am going to have surgery soon, my flashing lights are still there, but not constant anymore. I am really scared of the surgery, but I want to try and get my life back on track too.