Has anyone ever experienced an isolated seizure after surgery or am I just pondering in wishful thinking

After my surgery…I had a really bad seizure…when I came to I didnt know anyone or really anything. Couldnt tell you the days of the week or the even the months of the year. It was so bad it took me months to get back to knowing the people I love. But that was the only one I had for probably 3 months…then I started having them on a regular basis. Not sure why but that is what happened…I have noticed recently that my seizures have gotten better. :slight_smile: But I have the kind where you can’t speak or really understand people…But I can read and write so that is how we communicate. Pretty weird…I know…before this I never knew anything like this ever Existed!!! I hope I helped some!

thanks, i guess i can only hope and pray that there will be no more

Wow, and i thought mine was bad I loss conciousness for 50 min they weren’t sure at the time if i would be brain dead or not, which meds do they have you on for yours. I take keppra

I am also on Keppra I take 2,000 mg a day…at least for now. Lol I am going for my check up with my specialist today and they change the dosage of it a lot. As far as I am concerned your seizures are just as bad as mine. Everyone has that same feeling after they have one…and even before, if you lucky enough to know your going to have one. scared…depressed…worried about live…etc. We are all on this journey together…and I have to admit some days I do get so down and depressed because of how long this is taking. And it is so nice to be able to talk with other people that are going through the same things. It is like we all become one big family…that we can talk to about anything. And I LOVE IT!!!

Isolated? No. Had the first one & that was when the cavernous hemangioma & venous angioma was found. The MRI showed a “possible” AVM. It did show that I had bled about 2 wks prior to the seizure, which explained the headaches. I had been going on a beer run on the express way when the grand mall kicked in. I had been on the “getting off” ramp when I was found, so obviosly I had a warning that it was not gonna be a good day. I’ve had seizures since. Gauranteed they (mine) won’t go away. They are a plague, moved in & won’t leave.

yes, it is a good feeling to be able to talk to people who can relate and give insight into problems that you are experiencing it certainly gives a little peace in such a troubled situation we are in

Yes, I had one. I think they almost lost me. I have never had one since. My Dr. believed it was just a post op. seizure. When air gets on the brain and after they close you up–that can happen (I was told). I have never had one since ( 2 years). I was on seizure meds following surgery for 2 months.

why did you have to have two crainiotomy?

Beth Haggenjos said:

I had one seizure the evening after surgery. They put me on a second medication which I’ve now been weined off of. Once I hit one year post surgery they will try to take me off the first one. So far so good but I have not had any other seizures since that one after my second craniotomy. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

The doctor made it sound like this is normal and he did not seem to worry about any further seizures happening. I will pray that he’s right.


What does a seizure feel like, anyway? It would be good to know, just in case something weird happens when it happens.
I think I’ve experienced a TIA a few times in my life but never saw any doctors because of it so I wasn’t diagnosed.