Self Employed AVM Survivor

If you read my post on my page you noticed it was short. After being laid off from a prominent investment company (11 1/2 yrs of service) I have decided to go it on my own. I work as an independent contractor at another company, but being a contractor means I make nothing until I get clients. I am a retirement plan consultant with 3(38) fiduciary duties. I need company clients where I can consult them on their 401k plans and provide education to the employees. If you know of anyone that is a decision maker at any company in the US, I could use an introduction.

Thanks to all.

Good luck Mike! I don’t know of anyone that I could point you to but I’ll keep it in mind.

Thats cool that you are doing that i am looking for new job as well… My name stella crreated johnnys page and its hard for a lot of people… Did you joing Bens facebook page?

I was not able to get the business up and running in the current environment. I appreciate the positive thoughts.