Severe Headaches

Does anyone either with active AVMs or obliterated ones, suffer severe debilitating headaches originating from where the AVM is/was during storms or severe weather?

I get them so bad they keep me in bed all day and just want to know if its unusual. Thanks!

So no one but me? told you all I was an oddity!



Jo, It’s funny that you ask. Connie was asking about the same thing a few weeks ago. I to suffer worse when the weather is either windy, or rain is around us. I believe it has to do with the barometric pressure and the sinuses. I don’t know just a guess but your not alone in this feeling I to end up in bed with my head packed in ice. och!
Sending light and love…d

I know how you feel. I have nasty headaches daily but I agree weather effects it too. My neck also reacts to the weather. You are not unusual…I do wish there was a miracle pain medicine.

You are not the only one I get very back ones that keep me up all night and my neck gets very stiff and sore some times I think its going to crack and fall off.

Its humid and hot here in Malaysia, but the last 3 days its heat wave. I hav trouble sleeping and Im having on and off pulsating headache. I one the lucky onces, I don hav headaches alot. =obliterated.

Very interesting article, Regis!

I like to “find things out”…very inquisitive…

I used to get the worst headaches and probably hold the record for most days missed in HS due to headaches/migraines… It is only the last year or 2 that they have reduced significantly. I used to end up in the hospital because of the severe pain and I would just lay in bed for days sometimes weeks unable to move. I guess I slowly “grew” out of them. I hope they are less rare for you also, I know how terrible they can be ! No pills really worked for the pain they usually gave me morphine or something else through an IV, however, one thing that relaxed me was migraine ice, its like patch that is cool. Hope this helps!

– Shana –