Sick of being tired all the time!

does it ever go away!!?!?!?!??

Depends,maby it’s ur meds if ur on any.I have been fighing being tire for years now.I’m on alot of meds due to my avm/stroke.

No meds for me and it never really improved after the rupture. I’m on all kinds of super vitamins and supplements that help some but it seems that its something I’m going to have to live with. Vitamin B12 and Folate shots helped me the most and also the suppliment D-ribose powder. Alot of people take ribose for chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. Some thing to ask your doctor about if your interested. Hope this is helpfull.

Sorry I can’t be more positive but I feel the same way right now. Nope. It never goes away :frowning:

Sorry Chris, I’m also in the sad-sac boat too. I’ve been exhausted since my last bleed in 2000. If I can get a lot of naps in, I can function pretty well, but only for a short while, then it’s either struggle though stuff, which depletes me completely or just drop the task I’m in the middle of and come back to it later. So, as you can imagine, I have alot of 1/2 done stuff; never feels like I get much done.


Could be your meds or maybe sleep apnea. I also have experienced being more tired than usual since my rupture and stroke but since this happend 2 yrs ago I thought give it some time, finally I asked my neuro and he sent me for a sleep study and sure enough I now have sleep apnea, yet another gift bestowed upon me by my now deceased AVM

I’m in the same boat that Kim is in. I force/push myself to do get things done. Sometimes it works and other times - I pay for it. Proper rest is important to all of us who are tired a lot. Naps especially are needed. I do short meditations through out the day and that helps me a lot.


At least I’m glad to know I’m not alone. I wake up pretty early, around 7a.m. and by about 8p.m. I’m done! Completely exhausted. It’s been 3 years since my bleed/surgeries. It has gotten better over time, but it is something that I deal with every day. If someone does have a soution, I would love to hear about it too. I may look in to what NBuddle suggested to see if ti helps. No one seems to understand how it’s possible for me to be so tired all of the time!

Depends on the day but I listen when when my brain says it’s tired. If I don’t I am sure to have a seizure. I found a lot food that I was eating was also making me tired. Once I gave up wheat and most dairy I had more energy.

Hello Chris!

I definitely feel your pain on this matter. I am ALWAYS tired and it becomes very frustrating when you want to enjoy a day full of activities. I talked about it with my case manager who is also a brain injury specialist and she gave me this information=

She drew on a paper and said "before your surgery, in order for you to do laundry, homework, or take a walk to the store your brain activity used to go straight from point A to Point B (She drew a straight line), now because you have damage to your brain it has become a lot harder to do some of these activities even without you realizing it. Your brain uses up the most energy compared to any other organ in your body. When you’ve had damage to it, your brain will use up even more energy to compensate for the damage. Now, instead of simply going from point A to point B (she drew many other lines in the figure) your brain is doing all this activity just to get to the point it used to once so easily be able to get to. This becomes VERY exhausting and you get tired very easily."

I hope this helps!! I would definitely recommend taking naps and, if you are taking any medication, possibly looking at the side effects and switching to another brand.

Thanks for all the replies. I’ve been off my medication for nearly 3 years and it really hasn’t made much of a difference. What your doctor said I guess makes sense. I can tell I strain myself a lot with my bad memory as well. It’s very annoying to have at my age. I always complain I’m tired and my friends say they wish they were tired sometimes, as they are always full of energy. I bet they’d regret saying it if they actually were!