Sick of doctors!

So i have an appt with my doc on the 24th. And I call them today to set up my mri b/c they have not called me about it, and I get informed that he is no longer seeing patients there anymore. He is seeing all patients at his private office (where i originally seen him). This was in effect back in January. I was never called emailed sent a letter nothing. I’m so upset at this will determine if I definitely need a 2nd gamma knife or if the avm is finally gone. Last year in march he told us that he is 99% sure that I need gamma. Why don’t they understand that I have been waiting a year to get these results its huge for us. I have been crying and so upset since i found this all out. I called his private office and have been waiting over 3 hours for them to return my call. So i know what the hell is going on with my appt and mri and so on. I’m I being ridiculous? I mean i can;t handle waiting anymore to get this information. Now i also don’t know if say i need the gamma done. Where i live it is only done at the place he doesn’t see people. I wonder if i will have to get another doctor. I’m so confused and in shock over this. When will something go right or be easy. Ugh I hate this avm and everything since 12/13/2006!!!

Oh Andrea, I’m so sorry all this is happening. This is among the kinds of things that makes me think that if some of the doctors had to go what some us do, they’d definitely do things differently.

Surely your doctor will have a plan for patients that have to have MRIs done - either someone else who can see them where you’re able to get MRIs done, or an alternate place to get them done.

I know that the waiting is maddening. But at least it’s still early in the week (at least it isn’t the weekend), so hopefully you’ll be hearing from the doctor’s office soon and you can get some answers.

Hang in there.