Sisters surgery... thank you lord

I am at the hospital waiting to see my sister. Dr came in and said surgery went soooo well… I am sooo happy… They removed the AVM… they will give her a ct either tomorrow or friday to make sure theres not residue. But so far so good… I couldnt be anymore happy… THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR YOUR PRAYERS… the worse is over…

cat scan was done today another angio will be done with in the next few days to make sure they got everything… :0)

Super Hurrah!!! Great news!

I like this news, so happy for you guys. :slight_smile:

Our prayers were answered … amen!!! I’m so happy to hear this news and to know that your sister is continuing to make such great progress thru her recovery – YAYYYYY!!!

cool god is great!!!

Congratulations to you and especially your sister! Here’s to a great recovery as well!