Sleep apnea and avms?

I have had a few nights (4 or 5 in the past few months) where I wake up gasping for air. Couldn’t breathe, choked, coughed, gasped, sat straight up got my breath, then back to sleep I went. When this started a few months ago- I chalked it up to congestion. I was not congested last night. Should I call the doctor? I was just diagnosed with my AVM a month ago. What should I do?

It will not hurt to check with the doctor, I dont think it has to do with the avm, I get congested too, this is a great time of year for that to happen as its starting to become summer, get t checked so you ca feel better and get a better nights sleep…:slight_smile: Caroline

I would get it checked right away, but it could also be panic attacks of your subconscious, I get those, wake me right out of a sound sleep. Let us know ok? ~ o

I have been getting these for a while, more so when I am stressed but I have never had it checked out. Atleast I know am not on my own

I have an AVM and Sleep Apnea and the latest doctor is telling me that yes, it can have an affect, it can make headaches worse and it is depriving your brain of oxygen which causes other changes.
I am almost 40 years old and have just in the last year been diagnosed with the apnea and it was when I was being checked out for AVM problems after 10 years post surgery and the doctor when listening to me said “I think you may have sleep apnea and it is making the AVM problems worse, especially the headaches”

Well, I wake up once in a while when I first fall off to sleep gasping for air. When this first started happening I was told it was anxiety. I’m not sure, but I have to admit, I have been pretty anxious since I found out about this avm.

I think when it is sleep apnea, you wake up a lot of times during the night. I’m going to say 30 times at least. I would tell my doctor. You wrote this a while back so it may have stopped by now.