Every now and then I will go to bed and not awake for 18 to 24 hours . Has anyone had this problem? ( its not the medication)

Sometimes I’ll sleep for 12, but not as long as you, Pete! How do you know it’s not the medicine contributing to the problem?

Yes I like my sleep to Pete. I can stay in bed, getting up to go to the bathroom, and getting back in to bed and falling back to sleep with ease. But I work nine- twelve hours a day. So as far as sleep I love it but I have to live my life. eeeeehhhhh!!!

thyroid were ok.

i do not wake up at all.(large blatter)

ive been on this med for 20+ years. just started long sleep periods

i have not had a head ache in 20+ years

I have the opposite problem. I sleep on average around 5-6 hours and usually wake up with my head hurting no matter the position I sleep in. You would think after rest you wouldn’t have a headache. During the night (in those 5-6 hours) I usually get up at least two times to go to the bathroom. There are times I wake up after 2-3 hours and can not fall back to sleep.

Wish I could say that! I’ve had chronic insomnia ever since the bleed. Luckily the anti-seizure meds make me drowsy. Without them I’d be lucky to sleep 6 hours.
18-24 hours does seem like a bit much, though.

I know since bleed i am tired allthe time, I can quite happily go to sleep at 8 or nine at night with my son and the alarm goes off at 7am to get up for school. without the alarm i prob could sleep a lot longer but no chance.
yours does seem to be a bit much maybe do get it checked out.

I usually have a headache when I wake up too…but it hurts less if I’ve gotten a lot of sleep. However, if I get a lot of sleep, my arms and back hurt worse. Just can’t win! lol BLAME IT ON THE AVM!

Wow some day’s that would be nice, then maybe I could build up sleep before this baby’s born. :o) But I usualy only average about 8 hrs. at the most. But sometimes get tired about mid morning, I might take a nap if I have nothing better to do. Have you had your sugar tested, any other symptoms, like exessive thirst… anything. I’de have it checked out if I were you, but scince I’m me, I might not. :o)

I usualy wake up as my head starts to hurt, I can’t sleep long enough to let it pound. When it comes to every other pain, it wouldn’t matter. But with head pain I’m a wose in my eyes.

I do to on my right side. Because I have a slight case of bercidus on my left side. I guess to many games of mercy. I used to play it a lot and win.

an I am a ok

true so true