Small AVM Bleeds Over Time(Microscopic Bleeds)

Does anyone know if you can have small microscopic bleeds over a period of time that although present no symptoms at first can start to present symptoms if untreated over time? According to most research I have found, they say you don’t present with any symptoms usually with the small bleeds but they do occur. Anyone know anything that would counter that or what their docs may have said in past?

Hi Patrice-good question! I just found out about my AVM six years ago due to an accident & I had asked my neurologist if he could tell if I had a bleed in the past, as I remember when I was 11years old having a very bad headache & sick for 6 weeks, but my mom never took me to the doctor because we didn’t have insurance. He said he would have seen scar tissue if I would have a bleed, but I wonder now if I had maybe a small bleed which stopped on its own so maybe that’s why there wasn’t any scar tissue. In my 20’s I started getting visual problems, like losing part of my vision in areas. I am not sure if this is due to small bleeds or not. Sorry I couldn’t be of anymore help but next time I go in for an appointment I may ask my neurologist and see what they say-I hope to be going for a second opinion in the next few months! Take care!

Here’s what I’ve “heard”. Small bleeds can stop on their own with lots of rest. I DON’T know whether they can get worse with a lot of activity but I would think so.
Also, over time your body reabsorbs the bleed so the evidence disappears UNLESS it is a large explosive bleed, which can literally leave a hole in your brain.

Interesting…so now I really wonder if I’ve had a few bleeds then thoughout my life, as I’ve never gone to the doctor and just thought it was a bad headache and I was sick, also since it happened when I was younger too…Thanks for sharing!