Small bleeds not seen on scans?

I have been wondering over the last couple years if I have had small bleeds that don’t show on the ct scans. I remember 2 incidents this year that had made me wonder. The first one happened back in april. I was eating dinner with my mom when I suddenly got a headache so bad I started crying. I have a headache all the time but this one came at a pain greater than 15 on pain scale. Along with the headache came instant nausea. Five mins after I finished eating this all occurred. I got up to go use restroom when I got so dizzy I fell in bathroom. I threw up everything I ate and kept vomiting to point of dry having. After that it was a blur but my mom said I had several seizures(seizure doc thinks I have non epileptic seizures from stress but my other docs disagree with him) mom took me to hospital where scans were run but no bleed was found. They did spinal tap which had blood in out but the er doc says it was minor and related to tap not a bleed. I never bought that to be the case. I had problems walking before and after tap. So the er resident tried to keep me in hospital but his bosses wouldn’t let him. Similar situation happened early july. difference was I woke up to paramedics taking my vitals because I had a really bad seizure in my sleep and was unconscious for awhile. I didn’t go hospital that night but 2 days later they did scan but it showed nothing. Can we have small bleeds that don’t show up on scans?

I’m not sure that’s my question aswell I had a bleed on the 13th march 2012 but had most of these symptoms from 28th feb 2012 had scans aswell but nothing showed so my family think I had a bleed during (it was trickling) I’m not sure but we r on the case and lawyer is going to find out but iilllet u no when we find out …I’m no doctor but I though they’d b able to tell something and something defo happened coz that wasn’t normal I don’t no when it is ill find out they sed it could b years x