So I found this online (hair loss due to CT Scans)

Not comforting really, but I’ve had 2 in the same week, one last week, and one this week. At least it was the information I was looking for. lol

I have lost a lot of hair since the discovery of my AVM and I blame both the dilatin, all the CT scans and MRIs. It can also be blamed on the embo.

Hi Toni,

I have had about 4 embos and the radiation from the xray machine has caused me severe hairloss, especially where my avm is, this is because the machine is focused on this area for long periods of time. I have been told that the radiation kills the hair folicles, and the more you are exposed to this, the less likely your hair will grow back,

My daughter has had… in this order… an MRI, a CT scan, an angiogram, an embo, a CT scan, an EEG, an embo, an MRI/MRA… all, except the EEG, have some form of radiation. In our experience, it isn’t that she has lost hair, just that it seems thinner or more brittle in one spot. I’m assuming that is where her avm is, although it is a little higher up than where I thought it was. It tangles more easily than the rest of her hair and it hurts her more when I comb it. We didn’t notice this until after her angiogram. Then again, she’s just a little girl and had just started getting hair when all of this first started. Once it’s combed out it isn’t as noticable but as the day goes on it “cinks” up again. We have found that if we use a detangling spray on it it stays down and looks better longer.

I had two embolization’s, the first I lost a quarter size amount, second embo most of my hair fell out. I just had bangs and a little on the bottom of the back. I was told the next embolization the hair might not come back at all. I also had painful sores all over my head two weeks after the embo. My doctor told me its from the angiogram that they use while having the embo done. He said the angiogram has radiation in it and it depends on how long the embo takes, mine was two hour’s the first and four hour’s the second.