So, I was wondering

Hey all, I haven’t been very active on here, and I miss you all. :-(P

Let’s just say that when you are in a medical family and 3/7ths are what I would call 2nd row in the fight against co-vid and then you have your… Oh heck, between all of that and the emotions of being the class that doesn’t graduate because of a pandemic, life is never boring.

I think that some of you know that for almost two months, my 18 year old and I moved into my in-laws condo while they are down in Florida perfecting their retirement suntan. We moved home today - because the ules are lightening up a little bit and because my inlaws are coming home. So, we’r emoving back into the house with the family. What the medical people around here are recommending in our situation is basically have the medically fragile person essentially self quarantine - stay mainly in one room, limit interactions with the rest of the family and follow the state mandated guidelines for quarantine.

Suddenly, I’m thinking that’s not a bad deal - I can have my quiet time to do the writing projects I have, to do all the writing projects I have wanted to do. I can enjoy quiet time and be productive and I can be around the family some too - because they are important too :slight_smile:

So anyone else finding themselves in a situation where it’s not what they wanted it to be but there is a way to see some good yet too?

I hope so and I hope you’ll share it with us.


That’s a really good thought!

I’m not in need of being locked away to the same extent as you but my wife is part of her dad’s care team, so I am staying very safe at home, mostly so we don’t transmit anything to my father in law.

My sister has a situation more like you, with one person in the house with asthma, one person with cystic fibrosis and one person who is a police officer (and therefore necessarily in a more exposed situation). The police officer member of the family is doing much as you are proposing to do and hole out in the room that is immediately inside the front door, with their own bed, armchair, fridge, kettle and 52" TV set for company. I’ve seen a photo and he looks very comfortable! So, I think my sister is running the house (and working from home part time) and delivering food to different doorways to keep everyone fed without intermixing. It’s difficult to know who feels the more isolated.

That you might get some peace and quiet is great. I hope it works out well!

Very best wishes,


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As hard as it may be, for the safety and health of my family we are self isolating also… even though the government intends to ease some restrictions at the end of the week I do not feel comfortable with the virus still hanging around with no vaccine etc… in saying that I have been working from home so I have not had much time to relax as much as I would of liked… God bless!


I agree. The restrictions in England are lifting somewhat tomorrow – one has to think that Boris and Donald J have been taking to each other – but in our house, the emphasis is going to stay on isolation. We will be allowed out for more than an hour’s exercise a day and able to travel to a park to exercise – I’d like to take that up – but none of us are keen to go back to work or school or going anywhere other than outdoors.

Let’s hope the weather stays good this year! While it is clement, lockdown isn’t too bad. In recent days here it has turned literally freezing and that’s not so easy. Warm sunshine in the day and the right amount of rain overnight would suit me just great :beers:

I hope you get a bit more relaxation time: you’re worth it!



We are about to head into winter out here come June and the restrictions have eased big time with clubs and cafes open to groups of 10-20 people, however social distancing still required, YET IT’S NOT PRACTICED as people become very complacent!!!

We just sent the eldest son to school for the first time since this all started in March and he just started school this year at age 5… very hesitant to say the least but the government is pushing for children to attend or they will be marked absent and I fear he may fall behind… the cases are steady but not so bad as I think we have controlled the curve but still the virus lurks… God bless!


I am sure that an infant school will have a bunch of rules and guidelines to follow re how the children are allowed to mix, or not, though sending your first child to infant school is always a wrench – especially for mum.

Similarly over here, social distancing is very much required but people seem to be interpreting it in their own (looser) way. For example, we have seen a front-garden birthday party this weekend that was supposed to enable everyone at one end of the street to have a bit of a party and stay socially distanced, yet they all seemed to end up on one house’s front garden (and we don’t live in a place with large front gardens). Then I took my wife to a country park for a walk the other day – as a change from walking around our local area – yet while there was more than enough space for everyone to pass along without getting too close and some guidance on place like “keep left” some people were being diligent and others clearly didn’t think the rules apply to them. The trouble with that being that Mrs D was uncomfortable most of the time, so unlikely to be encouraged to go again :confused:.

I do think longer timescales make people impatient and that could be our undoing. It’s either selfish or a bit ignorant and rather worrying for those of us at risk of more serious complications. That the UK prime minister’s main advisor seems to have at least bent or ignored some of the rules doesn’t help.

Anyway, I’m sure your little person will do just fine. I guess the wider risk is whether anyone in your family are at increased risk of complications.

Lots of love,


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Well its good to see we arent the only idiots in the world, if that makes any sense… my father-in-law is at high risk so we are trying to be careful for his health and safety… God bless!