SO tired of being SOOOOO tired

I had a craniotomy and a frontal lobe AVM removed a year ago this month. For the most part I have done well. The one lasting side effect that I struggle the most with is the Fatigue… I get so tired doing things I use to do without problems. Driving seem to take the most out of me. Any drive over 30 minutes or so and I have to pull over and take a nap. Its really becoming an issue as I commute to work at least one day a week about 45min. Has anyone else dealt with this? this fatigue part of my new normal or will it get better?

It likely will get better, but in the interim, your best bet is to hear what your body is telling you and REST.

After Chari's ordeal (6 embos, 2 PBRs, and 2 conventional brain surgeries), she tires easily. Last one was in 1998. She still tires easily. But now when she gets tired, she rests.

Whatever you can do to minimize the fatigue you should try: more exercise, go to bed earlier, eat healthier. In the giant scheme of things, if your only deficit is fatigue, that's good.

Best wishes,

Ron, KS

Yes driving takes a lot of energy and focus, people just don’t realize how much brain power it takes to drive, most people just take it for granted. There’s a lot of information processing at a very fast rate that has to happen and planning and watching out for yourself and others and not getting distracted… I’m tired just thinking about it…

Hi Brian,

I can understand completely. I had my craniotomy nine years ago (wow that seems like a long time now that I see it written down) and was diagnosed with chronic fatigue. I am still suffering, but probably due to other medical reasons. I find the best thing I can do is just go to sleep for a while. I hate having to sleep away parts of my day, but I can't fight it. You have my sympathy for your problem. But like most things, it should get better over time.