Some questions

  1. can migraine headache be attributed to spinal avm?
    some docs say mine is to far to cause headache (t-24)
    had migraine headache from mid 2006-2008
    afterwhich i didnt have any attacks until last month
    eliminated/minimized grains, sugar, wheat from diet - really helped
    docs said the last attack might have been triggered when i changed a flat tire
    carrying heavy objects is contraindicated for my condition
    cant carry my kids anymore

  2. if avm is there since birth why didnt it manifest earlier?
    i remember, last 1989 i was not able to walk for a week
    Chinese doc told me to dip my legs on hot water with black pepper
    after that event everything was normal until 2000
    at that time we did not know why

  3. to everyone who still have an active spinal/brain avm is there something we can do to live with it without any manifestation?
    could diet stop it from bleeding

the following are the things i can not understand

if stress causes avm to manifest - i was stressed during my college years
if exhaustion causes avm to manifest - i was jogging(training) ten rounds early in the morning every saturday carrying heavy books everyday to school
if eating junk food causes avm to manifest - i was practically eating anything before

ergo, did my health deteriorated through the years and this may have caused my avm to manifest? so if we are healthy then avm’s will not manifest?

thank you for everyone for your time

Hi Maytel,

I hear what you are saying. My avm didn’t manifest until I was 49. I think it bleed because I am perimenopausal and I was on a water pill for hypertension. But, I will say this as well, i was having problems all of my life, now I believe a lot of the stuff was because I have had an avm all along. I ignored somethings because they went away quick. The things I went to the doctor for that were probably the avm were misdiagnosed. I had a small bleed/stroke that caused me to be in hospital/rehab for 25 days. I’m getting embolized/craniotomy to get rid of it. I believe too much estrogen in my body thinned my blood and caused it to move faster. One doctor said if that is true, its my good luck LOL because it was a small bleed that revealed something that could be fatal if I had a big bleed. I really did not want surgery, but I do understand why they recommend it.