Sore head?

My head sometimes feels sore in the areas where the proton beam was aimed at. Even bruise-like at times in that it’s sore when I touch it. Has anyone else had this problem?

Hi connie not had he proton beam but just need to touch my eye brow’s very sore same as the side of my head :wink:

I didn’t have the proton beam, but I have the same issue with the gamma spot. It might be because mine is only 6 weeks old.

It’s been two years since I had the proton beam, that’s why I thought it was odd.

Hi Connie
I had glue embolisation but sometims when i touch left side of head it feels very raw like bruising. thats why i hate people cuddling me on that side as it is sore when they do it but in saying that if they cuddle me on the right side it makes the tingling worse!


I think at times our brains may swell and those areas may always be sore. 10 years post surgery in a few days and I still have times when I get sore spots right where the AVM is, where they sent the radiation. I think it may just be another one of those things we may have to live with. I would be interested in Liam’s response. It seems like the changes in us and our bodies reaction to these things are never going to stop. Just when I think I’m over one thing, something new comes up or something old surfaces again.

Thank you, Susan. I a sore head is all we get left with in the end, we’ll all do a happy dance together! :slight_smile: