I have paralysis on the left side. Sometimes my left arm and leg feel very spastic. I feel pain on my foot leg and arm. My head also feels tight like somethings is squeezing it. Does anyone have these symptoms?

If by paralysis and spastic, you mean weakness and bouts of numbing of the left side of your body, I’m the person you are looking for. It even affects my face sometimes.

Some of my headaches feel like my head is being squeezed in a vise. Lately I have developed a “dropped foot”. It causes me to drag my left foot when I walk, plus I tend to walk a little crooked
(according to my family).

Aren’t we quite a pair, Maria? LOL


Hi Maria, and Connie. Paralysis ? As Connie i call it weakness. All of my right side is numb, i am told that is will be that way the rest of my life. I also have " drop foot " and ware a brace for it. The headaches are not like before surgery, but very close.

Peace and much Happiness

after surgery to remove my avm i was left with paralysis on my left side…it is now a weakness as i have lerant to walk again…but i do understand what you mean by the cramps…this is the spacticity in your muscles …it is normal it comes from messages from your brain…an easy way of explaining it is your brain now sends too many messages to weak muscles…as it knows these muscles are now weak and need extra assistence to activate but when the tone messages become too much which is quiet normal after brain injury or truma spacticity …muscle cramps…muscle shorting occur…

Thanks for the info. I have been very active lately. I must learn to deal with all these feelings.

the spacticity and tone in the muscles will change and improve over time as you become more active…my tone and spacticity in muscles has changed dramatically over time as i have increased activity levels…hang in there and stay positive and remember you are not going through this alone…i am always here for a chat if you need…sending you lots of positive energies xox


I have partial paralysis and numbness and weakness in both legs and feet. I get spasticity in my legs and abdomen, and my left foot sometimes drops and will drag a bit. Physical therapists and Drs. have told me that even though the spasticity can be bad and annoying it helps to keep the muscles toned.

I take Tizanidine at night to help keep the spasticity down enough for me to get a few hours of sleep. Without it the spasms get pretty bad and I can’t sleep. I try to avoid taking it during the day because it can make me drowsy, but sometimes the spasms are bad enough during the day that I take it then too.

Stretching and doing range of motion exercises two or three times a day can help alleviate the spasms.

Sometimes it makes me a little nuts that something as small as an itch or a drop of water on my leg can make the spasms start. Ugh!! lol.

I read some of the other comments. And yea, I have it too. I have it in my whole upper back & left arm and leg. I walk with a funny limp now.