Spetzler-Martin Grade?

I was just wondering if everyone knew what grade AVM you have or had? I just found out I have a grade IV.

I have a grade 5, deep, large, and next to brain stem

I didn’t even know grading existed until last week. I’m interested to know now!

I know that I have a large, deep, twisted AVM, but my neuro says there is no record of a Spetzler-Martin grade. He told me they are only given for surgical cases.

Hi, Resa- Mine was a 4. Like Eric, right on the brainstem.

Well… the neurosurgeon I was seeing was kind of a jerk and wouldn’t give me much information. I had them sending me a copy of my file so I could see what it says. My AVM is somewhat large and non-eloquent. I don’t know whether I will be having treatment or not. I’m going to Mass. General Next week…anyone been treated there?

My son was 2

I was…but I think I talked to you about it already.

Yes, you did. =)

Hi Resa
I also have a grade IV large AVM. They say it is very complicated (what ever that means) most in the left parietal-occipital area but does extend to the right and center parts of the brain. There are also two aneurysms within the AVM.

hi brian they just found mine and its also on the brainstem off the basilar artery in the medullar cistern. The only info i can find online relates to the general brainstem area and i have a while between appointments so i was wondering how yours turned out?