Sport and exercising - need an advice

Hello everybody. I’m AVM free after 3 embo and 1 gamma. It’s been 2 years from the last treatment.
3 weeks ago I started to run. I run every other day for about 5-10 minutes (not a lot) with a break of walking. And I run very slow.
Today I felt that I might have a seizure!!! I almost fainted (not while runing, while buying groceries). I quickly took 1 tablet - Keppra (500) and felt better.
Now here is my question - can we exercise at all??? If yes, what can we do???
I take Keppra 250mg in the morning and 250mg in the evening (although doctor said to take 1.000 per day) But I was feeling fine for almost a year with dosage 500mg per day!!!
Please give me some advice, or share with me what do you do to stay in shape??
I feel so pissed of (sorry, I don’t know if it’s a bed word or not since my English is a second language) now because of this “almost” seizure excedent.

Waiting for advices


I won’t comment on self medicating, other than to say that if you don’t work closely with your DR on dosages, how will you ever get it right? If he thinks you are taking 1,000 and you are taking 500, will he think that you might be having seizures while taking 1000? So he might recommend 1500mg, so you might take 750? I don’t mean to be critical, but I don’t think you are helping yourself any.

I am no expert on the meds, but I don’t think they work like aspirin (although to stop a seizure, I think they can give you something). My understanding is that a recommended dosage is maintained in your system and doesn’t fluctuate that much if you miss one dose or take one extra. I might be wrong.

I do wish you well,
Ron, KS

Ron, thank you for your advice. I will defenetly contact my doctor and explain him the situation.

Something similar happend to my… and I spoke to my doctor and hes adviced that everytime that I feel that way (having a seizure) to have some blood test to see If the drug level was ok…If the level was lower to increased the medications dosage…You can ask you doctor if you have to have a blood level done every month or once and a while… Please talk to your doctor don’t increased meds on your own…

Good Point Anabel!

I forgot about that aspect. Some (not all) anti-S meds require a blood test periodically to see if your dosage is withing the “Therapeutic Range”. I’ve seen these blood test results, and they have a scale of like 5 to 10, with the therapeutic range being 7-9. The test marks where you are on this scale.

Ideally, your results will be inside the therapeutic range and stabilize there at the dosage you are prescribed. If you are below the min, the drug might not stop seizures. Above the max, and you are taking more drugs than you need to.

Of course, some times (many times?), your blood can show inside the therapeutic range and you still have seizures. Then you / your DR get to talk about increasing the dosage of what you are on, or trying another drug or drugs.

Ron, KS