ST. Louis testing, New post update- Not going to St. Louis

So...just got a call from BJH and the doctor has decided he wants a functional MRI done right after my consultation with him. I still don't know if this means he can do the surgery or not. *Sigh* very frustrating and stressful. My family is waiting to see what the surgery date will be so they don't sit in the hotel for the week waiting. I know God will work all of this out just fine, the problem is I hate waiting, lol. Hopefully I will know all the details on Friday and my family can book flights right after the meeting. Have a great night everyone- we are getting 4-6" of snow in the next 24 hours. Time to shovel, lol.~Elizabeth

I had a functional mri done when I thought they were going to radiation. Found it after the mri that it was too large to do radiation. Wish doctors would talk but it was during Christmas so a lot were on vacation. Wish you the best of luck.

Hopefully you will get some of the answers you need on this Doctor visit about the next step and possible surgery. Try to hang tight as it's almost friday. Btw, it's great to have your family by your side. That helped me a lot too. Keep us posted Elizabeth.

I did not go to St. Louis today. The neurosurgeon has decided to put my case before their conference surgical team to see if it is possible for them to come up with a treatment plan. I am in the waiting phase again, lol.