Stabbing Pains in The Ear?

Has anyone else suffered from this? I know thatwe’ve discussed the quick stabbing pains in our heads before, but Im talking about directly in the ear. I’ve had them twice tonight. This past week, I had several incidences of the quick stabbing pains in my head, as well as my usual headaches. Not a great week all in all! lol


touch wood, no, sorry Connie

Connie, I have occasional stabing pain in my left ear. It is not cronic so I just ignore it. Maybe I shouldn’t. Mike O’brien

I’ve never seen ear pain as avm related, but since I’m the product of a somker, I often get ear pain. Have you noticed anything els. Could be nerves. If it realy bugs you, you might ask you Dr. or research it on like web md or something.

Hi Connie, funny you should say that, ive had ear problems now for a month in my left ear and sometimes rite, alot of pain, went to docs and he send me for a catscan ,just in case of some kind of ear infection, came back nothing, I have never, ever, had ear pains till this radiation mess. Hope you feel better soon>:)

I have the bruit as a constant companion, Liam. Thank you to everyone for your input. Luckily, I haven’t had any of those pains today!

Never had pain in my ears the only thing I have is constant ringing and can hear like heart beat sound thats why I leave TV on when I am falling asleep.