Stabbing pains

So, I have been having stabbing pains in my head for about a week now. They only last for a second and it also feels like I have bugs crawling around in my head.

Anyone have any clue what this could be. This is starting to bother me. Any help would be appreciated.

thanks so much

Hi Kristynn
I think quite a few of us are experiencing similar sensations to what you describe. I think it was Marilyn who described them as “imaginary lice”. I also get stabbing pains sometimes, but when they don’t last too long I don’t get too worried. I also understand that it’s common to start getting more sensations like this 9-12 months after the gamma knife as then it’ll really starts to work and also the side effects will appear… I still have few months to go as I’m only 7 months post gamma…
Best wishes

I have been getting stabbing pains in my head for many years. They seem to be worse since my embo’s and radiation. The doctors never really explained them to me over the years but did not seem to concerned. That is one of my questions I have listed to talk to the neurosurgeon about the end of July. I will let you know what they say. I do have some senstation of bugs crawling but not alot.

Whatever you find out, please post it here. I’m adding some “tags” to help others find this thread later. Thanks.

No problem!

So, I was never told about any side effect of gamma knife. I am quite sure I asked and I was pretty much told there were none. It sure would be nice if I was made aware of this.

If any one has any information about possible side effects, please post.

I’m having the stabbing pains now. I took a hydromorphone alittle while ago, so it has dulled some.

Krystynn: I Had a Craniotomy: I had similar symptoms of the “stabbing pains” and the feeling of things crawling as my scalp and the muscles on my head healed. As with any unusual sinsations, you should let your doctor know. I continue (almost 3-years post surgery to have occasional (manageable) pain. As for myself, I will probably not alert my doctors unless the pain becomes consistant and increasing in intensity. However, one should not take any chances especially if the AVM has not been removed. I hope this helps. Let me know if you would like to talk. God Bless, Mike O

Hi Kristynn
The London Gamma Knife Centre where I was treated advises on side-effects on this page
The stabbing pains many of us are experiencing are mentioned nowhere. I also feel that the side-effects were not properly discussed with me, and was a bit shocked when my neurosurgeon told me in my last review to expect to get some 9-12 months after the treatment…

I get the pains, too. Not the bug thing- sounds very unpleasant, to say the least! Ask your doctor about medication that raises dopamine levels. It may help with anxiety which may lead to the crawling sensation.
I haven’t had much luck with the stabbing pains. usually its just lying down & closing my eyes for while.
How’s your blood pressure?

I agree with Mike. If u haven hav avm removed don’t take chances

First of all I never knew that was a side-effect. Thats wiered. But I always assumed the creepy crawlies was a nerve thing because even eleven years after its removed I still have some numbing and crawling on the side that was opperated on… As for the pains try to see if there’s a simularities in the situations when the start. Like sometimes I can tell (by sensation) the changes in the air pressure, or if a storm is coming through.

Hi Kristynn,
I had an embolization with a cranitomy in Sept 07 and was told that the sensations are the nerve endings being regenerated and I still have the numbness and feeling of “bugs” crawling on my face. Yes it is a strange and annoying sensation however they told me that it takes time for the brain to heal (in my case) and that it’s like a new road map to reconnect the nerves and any damage done. I don’t know about the Gamma Knife but I can only guess it is the same. My pain is worse when the weather is bad or the air quality is bad! I agree with the others…if your pain level gets worse call the doc. and see what they advise. The bug thing has driven me crazy…at times i want to scratch off that part of my face! At least I have to believe that the sensation means I am healing! Good luck…time heals they say…
Sending Angel light and love…d

your AVM may be bleeding inside your head. You better go get checked out gal. I remember the stabbin pains and that is somehting I can never forget, My AVM was bleeding. Going up from the bottom of my neck and going down my backbone, I remeber it was painful…

The crawling bug like feeling I feel is along all the areas that are healing in my head still, mostly incision line and whatever skin was moved around. It feels mostly in the scalp and not inside though.

I’m still getting the stabbing pains quite often, usually right above the eyebrow. I don’t have the “buggy” feeling, but I do get itchy on the scalp and face. My friend Lydia, who is a nurse, says that the itchy face could be caused by the narcotics I’m on for pain relief.

Stabbing pains I would get checked out, this may be due to a bleed.

I also have had crawling feelings, not sure what that is but I have never had a seizure before. Can’t be a coincindence (sp?)

Are you on any medications, Eric?

Eric: I would advise you to obtain a scan under the direction of a neuro Surgeon or at least your Primary care Doc. I waited to long and almost died from my bleed.
God Bless<
Mike O’Brien

I get them all the time.