Stiff neck?

Does anyone else with a cerebral AVM experience a persistent stiff neck? I have this condition along with a nearly constant, mostly low-grade headache. These are not the symptoms that led me to first see my doctor. It all began with visual problems in my left eye. But, almost since the day I went in and had two MRI (one with injected contrrast medium), I have had these new … symptoms? Any thoughts?

I think you are either really onto something, or that it is entirely a coincidence. It’s funny that you mention this because I had a stiff neck for years before my AVM was diagnosed in my left temporal lobe and never gave it any thought until well after my AVM was diagnosed. But even after I started wondering if the two were related, I neer really asked any of my doctors about it. I still deal with a stiff neck from time to time and it always makes me wonder if it may still be related to my AVM. Of course, my AVM was removed via craniotomy almost 5 years ago, and the stiffness in my neck has been considerably better ever since.

I’m curious to see what more people might have to say about this one.

Neck stiffness can be a sign of stroke and/or a bleed, especially for those with an AVM, from my understanding. I know that when I’ve bleed, each time my neck was so stiff and painful it only took a close second to the pain in my head. I’d talk to your doctor.


I able not able to say that the contrast medium has caused your stiff neck however after i had my first angiogram done, i have experienced the same thing along with it being sore, i need to keep moving my neck with gentle excercises.