Strange dreams indeed

Very pecuiliar dream last night…no worries this is G rated… Since my AVM was right temporal i lost ALL Mathematical ability(not that I had much to begin with) languages and creativity was more my game, but all Maths left the building with the rupture! So last night to my astonishment I had a dream which was centered around me being some sort of cashier making all kinds of change with money and calculating purchases and change i stumbled a little, but my brain was quite pleased with the mathematical functions and I was pleased to awaken well rested and cheerful ! Strange how a good night’s sleep can really sort things out! But I will see where this piece of the puzzle fits?

That’s good to hear!! Maybe your brain is trying to get this function back and it’s working through your dreams! :slight_smile:

Thank you!!! I certainly hope so! That’s sure what I was hoping. now that I’m awake, I should try some math problems to see if that function is truely back on line! Either way it was great to wake up in a positive mood for once! Thanks again forthe reassurance!

Yeah! Maybe try playing some number games online or something! You should read “My Stroke of Insight” (that’s the link to the author who had an AVM that bled). I’m almost done with the book and it’s very enlightening! Good luck & keep us posted! :slight_smile:

Hello, how fascinating, and positive. The brain is a muscle, sounds like it’s flexing itself and getting into gear.

Go do some number crunching exercises.

Good luck!