Stress and pressure

Hi all,

I am after some advise since my OP last June i have been finding it very hard to deal eith stress and pressure in the way i used to be able to and it is starting to have an effect on my life in more ways than one so i guess i trying to find out if anyone else has had the same thing after having a crani to remove AVM as i not really sure which way to turn now.

Also anyone had tinitus after the op has i did not have it before but it has been getting worse since and is now constant.

Hi Mark. I did a search for tinnitus on here for you...

It seems a lot of people have ringing in their ears....yuck!

As far as handling stress you may wish to contact Ruth Codier Resch, Ph.D. on here. She is a neuro-psychologist and she just may have some good ideas on that subject.

Also, depending on the type of anesthesia can remain in the body for up to a year...can affect moods. Plus the swelling in the brain sometimes takes 2 years to go back to normal.

Hi Mark I didnt have a crani but I also cant handle stress anymore like I could before. As soon as I’m getting stressed I have an immediate headache. It sucks, sorry I dont have any advice to help you. But I figured knowing it wasnt only because of the crani you might feel better…~Andrea~

Hello Mark,

Back in 03' ,1 mo. after operation, felt tremoutness stress and depression, wanted to end life.

But thru the efforts my my kids and others, plus alot of prayers, came out of it. Tons of issues still helded me back, able to work them out with EFT. Tinitus BIG time, working on that now. hang in there, don't hasate to ask and rsearch to better yourlife, patience will help.