I am now 7 months out of my radiation therapy for my DAVF, the whooshing noise diminished and stopped by the 3rd months and the debilitating headaches lessened by the 5th month!
I still have occasional headaches that are similar to a brain freeze when you drink a cold drink but they only last 10 minutes.
The radiation was the cure for me, I truly feel like a miracle occurred, I thought my life was basically over prior to the radiation therapy.

Find a great doctor, mine was at Emory Clinic in Atlanta and listen to them, they were right, radiation wasnthe way to go for condition. Also, remember what worked for me may not be the way to go for others, listen to your doctor not to websites

Mark...You are so right...Search for the best doctor for your health issue and listen to them!

Thats wonderful news Mark!! Now your on your way to a speedier recovery!!! :)

Super Hurrah!

Hi Mark
Why did your doctors say radiation was the path for you? I am scheduled to go for my first angiogram this Thursday and the doctor thinks he will be able to treat me with the glue or coils via the angiogram but they have not been able to seen anything on my mri/mra other than my blood is going the wrong direction in some part of my brain. I have had the pain you described since June. Glad to hear that you are nearly pain free. How many radiation treatments did you need? Could the doctors see anything on your MRI/MRA's?
Thank you

My AVM was large, with multiple connections, it would have required too many coil placements which carried a high risk of stroke, I was not willing to take that risk, so radiation was my only course of treatment of which I received one massive dose. I did have a MRI, it was inconclusive, the angiogram is considered the "gold standard" for diagnosis of AVM's and it did indeed define my AVM and the course of treatment. Like I wrote prior, find a great medical facility and a great Doctor, and listen to him/her!

Thank you....God Speed to you!!!!

Thank you, life is so good now!!!!

Hi Mark
Thank you for the details. Glad to hear you made the right decision and that your headaches have improved. I am so looking forward to that happening even though the doctors say they can not guarantee it. I am going to Stanford and seeing Dr. Marks who has seen other people here on the site which has given me hope.
Thank you

Good for you Mark. Congratulations!

Gr8 news to start the new year. I'm just 3 months since my GK and having big time headaches but fingers crossed and hoping for best. Congratulations to you and good luck for future!

I just now read this post and want to say congrats as well!!! I'm so glad things are looking better for you. Way to go and again, Happy Birthday!!!

Good bless you buddy thats fantastic news.....


I will keep you and your family in my prayers!
God Speed!

I hope those darn headaches start going away, and thank you for your kind words

Thanks Trish!

Thank you!

Thanks Suzy,I had a wonderful birthday

Thanks Julie!