Surgeon recommendations?

29 year old female with recent diagnosis of frontal lobe AVM approximately 5 cm… just had a beautiful baby girl. wondering what are the best surgeons to treat AVM … current neurosurgeon recommending surgery. any suggestions…

Welcome to the site. Lots of fine folks here.

A lot depends on where you are located. If you give us your regional location, someone here probably knows some doctors.

I looked for it, but couldn’t find it. I thought someone posted a list of AVM doctors here recently. Anyone else recall the post?

Ron, KS


Found this site that Ben posted–

It’s not the list I was thinking of, but it’s a start.

Ron, KS

Where do you live? I had an excellenet surgeon. His name is Alan Hirschfeld, and his partners are Dr. Demattea and Dr. Wirchanski. They are located in New York, NY

much thanks… this is a great start. I am located in upstate NY outside of Albany, NY.

I’d put Mass General on your short list.

Ron, KS

Thank you again. I contacted Mass General and I am waiting to hear back from them. Their website and vascular center seems top notch. I am meeting with a neurosurgeon in Albany tomorrow who is also very good… just waiting to hear the solution… the waiting kills you.

has anyone had Alan Boulos from Albany Medical Center?

One of the best neurosurgeons in the country fro AVM is Dr. Harry Vanloveren. He is now located in Tampa , FL