Surgery Dates Scheduled...I feel SO much better!

SO I went to see my Neurosurgeon yesterday and went over the results of the Angio, and we went ahead and checked our calendars to schedule my Embo and Craniotomy. I originally wanted the 15th but my Doctor would be out of town so we settled on the 21 for the embo and 22 for the Craniotomy.

And I feel better. I guess the whole not knowing when this would happen just freaked me out. As I have been saying since I decided to go through with these procedures, I would rather do this on my time. If I wait and monitor it it could bleed at any time and my fate is in the universe’s hands, but if I just took the initiative and took care of it now, then my fate is in my own hands.
This whole thing also feels a lot like jumping out of an airplane, once you get that high up in the sky, the easiest way to the ground is to jump. So I am doing alright. I am not scared or nervous at this time, though I reserve the right to be scared when the dates approach.

We are also trying to think of some fun things for me to do for Halloween since I will still have the fresh inscision with staples in my head. LOL should be fun.

( EDIT these surgery dates are in October, 10/21 and 10/22 I see I didn't list what month these were in when I originally wrote this >.< )

I am so glad you have your date and it has given you some comfort. My thoughts and prayers will be with you! Halloween is one of my favorite times…lol
You take care
Lee Ann

Lyssa good for you. Once your right to feel scared and nervous kick in, we’ll be here for you. I wish my AVM would’ve popped around Halloween time, I would’ve had the coolest costume ever! Good luck!

oooo the Halloween possibilities are endless!!! Love it. Gonna put my thinking cap on to help you out with that.
Glad you got your dates scheduled. And I absolutely agree with you 100%. Do it on your time, deal yourself those cards, and jump from the plane.
And ya, the freak out time will most likely hit you a little closer (speaking as the current queen of freak out-ness!) and I wish you lots of cupcakes when that happens :slight_smile:

Great sense of humor…I’m sure you will look great on Halloween! I’m glad that you have found comfort in making plans for surgery, it gives some semblance of a normal life to make some decisions for yourself. The reservation for scared and nervous…you wouldn’t be normal if you didn’t have them. This is a great place to find comfort when you need it. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers…and listen to Shalon…cupcakes!

What a great outlook, kudos to you!! Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers

Good for you Lyssa and you are in my thoughts and prayers. Our friends here just continually amaze me with their bravery(not sure of that spelling)!, but thank heavens you know what I mean. All the very best Lyssa and I look forward to hearing from you here again soon. Lesley.

Good luck, Lyssa!