Surgery on 24th Oct


I had my bleed on 10th September and have a 2.3cm x 1.2cm AVM on my corpus collosum and am due for surgery on 24th October. I am starting to get very nervous about the whole thing and wanted to know if anyone out there has any advice about what is to come?


Caroline…Find things to do that keep you from thinking about it because she need to stay positive. You will make it so Keep the Faith! My thoughts and prayers will be for you on the 24th!

Caroline think positive and have faith that is only gonna by for a few hours, have faith everything is gonna be okay!
You will se my friend. I have faith and believed that everything will be okay. When i had my surgery I prayed to god. Good luck My friend in your Journey.

I had my surgery back in 2006 and they’ve made so many strides in medicine since then. From what I remember (and everyone’s said on this site) you should sleep a lot and most people forget that. Not saying you did, just want to be reassuring. :slight_smile: Try to relax and trying not to think about the upcoming surgery (thanks Louisa!) is probably the best advice. Best of luck and let us know how the surgery goes on the 24th.

Just think how nice it will be to write the word obliterated on your profile page!

Hi Caroline"rose" -what is to come is that your ROSE is giong to be growing more petals and you’ll be in full bloom before you know it :))! Your angels will be with you every step of the way thru this trial in your journey. You’ve already been thru the worst with your bleed and we are so very lucky to be able to benefit from the miracle of medical advancements that can now treat this very rare brain condition!

Stay strong, keep the faith and look forward to the many blessings that will be heading your way.

I’ll be praying for God and his Angels to watch over you on the 24th!


Caroline, all my best wishes for your surgery. Try to stop thinking about it, (easier said than done) I know!! Keep positive and remember that God is on your side. My thoughts & prayers will be with you on the 24th, with other lots more from your AVM family.

Dear Caroline, it will be a lot easier than you think. The opportunity to get your avm removed is a blessing and considerate yourself one of the lucky ones. Have faith, pray a lot and soon you will be writing us the wonderful word “obliterated”. Lots of love.

Caroline, you need to keep yourself busy and try not to think about the surgery. I know it’s hard bc I’ve been there & done that. It’s been 26 years for me since my avm was removed from the right temporal lobe. I thank god I beat it! I’m a survivor and you will be too!
Try to do things you have been putting off and just enjoy yourself!
Best of luck to you
i’ll keep you in my prayerz and check back later.

Hey hey…I am thinking on u and ur surgery, Pls try to stay positive and not to worry too much about it…it´s not that easy I know, but u will be fine.

Put your trust in God’s hands!! Medicine has come a long ways over the years. . .
My thoughts and prayers are with you!!

Wishing you ALL the very best for a successful surgery & smooth recovery! :slight_smile:
Allow yourself to be pampered & rest, rest, rest in recovery.

Honestly I was so glad to be out of the hospital and home! Even though it was only for 2 weeks before I had to go in for my surgery. Was just glad to be home with my husband and in my own house (with uninterrupted sleep) that I did not even really think about it that much until the day before. Wanted to get it over with that’s for sure but after reading stories on this site I felt lucky that my AVM was going to be out of my head! My neurosurgeon told me “we are going to take that thing out and throw it in the garbage can!”

Everything will be fine and you will be soooo glad its gone!

You are in my thoughts today. I hope to hear from you really soon telling us all how well you are doing!