Surgery Rescheduled

Thank you to everyone for all your kind words and thoughts. My surgery was delayed due to an insurance glitch. I was approved and ready to go and even had my pre-op at the hospital, met with the anesthesiologist and got a hospital wristband put on. Then insurance made an error and wouldn’t approve this doctor after all (after being assured that they would).

So I had to I had to find a new surgeon. Met with him yesterday and surgery is scheduled for Monday, 2/15, at 7:00 am. I think everything must happen for a reason because this surgeon seems even more competent than the other and it was good to have a second opinion. He made things sound more serious but I’m the type that doesn’t want to mess around with feel-good stuff anyway. Just like doctors to be direct and tell me what they think.

All the good thoughts that were sent my way yesterday were definitely not wasted. I found a better surgeon!

Hang in there, but our health care system should not be doing this type of thing to us! Glad you found a better doctor, tho. My prayers will be with you!

I will pray for you at church tomorrow… I am a believer all things happen for a reason. I am sending lots of prayer, love and positive energy…I cannot even imagine…this insurance stuff is nonsense isn’t it…but as in my case I have a better doctor… God is good and you will be ok…update me when you can! God bless! Mare

Hi, sweetie, you will definitely be in my prayers. I hope they will be able to get everything and your recovery quick and pain minimal. God Bless!!!

I really hope that you are doing well. I am having my first embo and then then crainiotomy to follow. I was supposed to have it today, but the hospital posponed it because they were waiting for a part. Reminded me of a car Anyway you are in my thoughts and prayers.