Surgery without embo

Just wanted to know if there someone had a crainiotomy without embo before? My doc wnats to do the surgery to get my AVM out…but he said its a bad case for embo…so anyone any experiences?

Hi Manux. Back in the olden days…there were not so many options…LOL. Yes…I had a craniotomy and nothing else. I do consider myself lucky. Deciding what to do with an AVM is such a personal decision. Please know that I am still praying for you and keep us posted!

Hi Manux. Just wondering… why does the doc say that its a bad case for embolization? I believe I had both but this is the first I’ve heard of this. Sorry I couldn’t been more helpful. Good luck and like Barbara says deciding what to do is a very personal decision. Best of luck with that.

They said it´s not a good case for an embo and they don´t know if they do it good or even worse when they try to do it. And the doc said he can get it out without embo, but it will bleed more…

Back in 2009, spoke to my neurologist and he said that there were 3 ways to tread avms. Embolization, craniotomy, and radiation. That in my case that embolization wasn’t and option for my due to size and side were he was located.
I had my craniotomy back in april 2009. But due to the side were the avm was located a tiny piece was left, they were trying to get it, with embolization but it is tiny and is located In a dangerous side that doctor was afraid to puncture the artery. Know I’m waiting for radiation. Please ask a lot questions to the doctors do not hesitated.
Wish you the best my friend.
I hope this can help you understand that is gonna be a long journey, be strong my friend.