Survivor Butterfly?

Where do I get the bimage/art of the survivor butterfly? I want to show my family


Hi Nicole,

I’ll take a shot at this, but I’m not sure if this is what you desire or not.

At the top of the discussions, where it says “AVM Walk T-shirts and Fundraising!”, click on that and then on Shalon’s name to send her a private message. You can let her know which artwork you are after.

The first link takes you to a fundraiser site. At the right of this page, near the top, there is a selection for one item for $10. It is either a Brainbows, Lion Snaps, or Butterfly Charms. Unfortunately, I didn’t see any pics of these things and I’m not sure what each looks like. I’m sure Shalon can clarify it.

Hope this is what you are after. THANKS.
Ron, KS