Survivor's Poem 2006

I was home from work, warming my meal
And the pain in my head felt so very unreal.

It was hard to stand, yes that is true
But I had no guess as to what would ensue.

I fell to the floor like a rag doll
But there was no time to scream or to bawl.

To the hospital I was sent, ready or not
But there was no time for a dream or a thought

An AVM had just burst in my head
And I was nearing the land of the dead.

The operation I was given just went on and on
And my memories were over, all dead and gone

My wife and our girls did ask and did pray
That Jesus would come and heal me some way.

It didn't come quickly, but with all the tears
Came slow steady progress down through the years.

I got to come home to my girls and my wife,
I once again walk and I got back my life.

People say I have changed, and you know that is true,
It is good to be here, and to be so brand new.

I posted this in an online AVM survivor's site, not this one,
in 2006. I also reported at the end of the day still "stumbling around like a drunk
person. At least a drunk person gets to enjoy his drinks
before he becomes intoxicated. I get this way without a drink..."
I was joking, and I guess that was a good sign in itself.

Very good. I have to admit that I downloaded a copy (with your name). It’s good to read and know I’m not alone.

Thank you, Armand. No we are not alone, and with time we improve.

Hi John - That was a beautiful poem so thank you so much for sharing it on AVM Survivors. How are you doing today John?

Thank you, Debra. After the AVM it required 4-5 years for me to get back to close
to normal. I worked for another 3+ years at my job, and then retired as I was old
enough to do so. Didn't really expect to live so long, but it is great! I still
work some part time and enjoy walking and driving and my grand kids.

John, Nice poem! And yes, little by little we come back. Thank you for posting!

Thank you, Pjnsbrgh! I used to write poems like this.