Swelling around the avm a yr after surgury

i have just came out of hos after 2 weeks , i was getting bad headaches and went into my local hos who done a ct and found swelling on the brain and still not sure if there was an old bleed but thank go theres no new bleed. I have received steriotatic radiosurgury just over a yr ago ,i am on sterioids at the mo for swelling , just just wondering did anyone go through the same …

My daughter had on and off swelling for 9 months after her steriotactic radiosurgery. She had also had a series of embolizations and a craniotomy/partial resection as well, so those may have also contributed to the swelling. However, 2 years after her 3rd cyberknife surgery she started having new swelling, and the CT scan showed that there was severe necrotization (dead brain tissue) from the radiation, which was causing the swelling. Have you asked your doctor about it? It may very well be par for the course after radiation.


Hi Emma,

I just had my Steriotatic Radiosurgery July 22, 2009 so I don’t know about what happens in a year.

Ben had GK and he had swelling after one year.

I thought I may have had swelling several times before, but they said they didn’t see any swelling
on Ct Scans or MRIs.

I have my 6 month appointment Jan 15, 2010.
They don’t expect brain swelling to happen until six months or after.

I took steroids three times for a week each. Steroids are the docs first line of defense against brain swelling. They say I didn’t have brain swelling, but they did give me the steroids. I took them because my head felt tight/pressure. My docs seem to be looking for pain with swelling. I don’t have a lot of pain, more discomfort.