Swine flu

What do you all think of the swine flu ? It is starting to spread in my city. I have to go to a graduation Friday 6-19-09. I’m nervous, it is recommended that you stay away from crowds. I may have to get a face mask. We don’t need the swine flu on top of the avms.

A 26 year old woman has died in my city and my daughter’s friend mother has it. That is too close for comfort.
It is recommended that you wash your hands a lot
Use sani hand cleaner with alcohol or wash your hands with soap
Swine flu can live on a door knob
Don’t touch your eyes, face, nose or mouth if your hands are not clean
Don’t be in crowds unless it is absolutely necessary
If you think you have flu symptoms call your doctor
If you think you have flu symptoms don’t go around people
OLD NEWS: Cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze

This is all I can think of, if anyone thinks of anything else add it, please. Working on the avm is enough, we don’t need or want swine flu.


The swine flu is actually a lot less serious than the regular flu that kills 300,000 people each year. The symptoms of this one are less severe than the annual flu as well. The medications to treat it are proving quite effective. I think the media is adding to the hysteria over this illness. If you practice basic hygeine you will significantly decrease your risk of getting it. Just my opinion, but I don’t see why anyone needs to panic about this.

Thank you for the information. Where do you live?

You are right about those having problems with their AVM, the flu would be just one more thing to bring your body down.
I think as long as we all take precautions and stay clean and sanitary, we will be fine through this flue outbreak just like we are in a normal flu season.

Thanks Trish and Susan.
I’ll stop panicking. LOL


Oh, I forgot to say, I think the swine flu is more infectious than the other influenzas. I may be wrong, but I thought that I read that somewhere.

I guess I am panicking because I already feel bad from this stroke that was given to me by embolization.
If I can help it, I don’t want to feel any worse. I am going to stop panicking no matter what kind of strain it is.LOL I know panicking won’t help me.